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Welcome to Lab Skin Pro

Research and Product development

LabSkinPro Pte. Ltd. is a research and business development focused company strategically located in Singapore, to connect the South-East Asia Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic market to the rest of the world. The company provides research and product development service to regional pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries by leveraging a novel proprietary Stem Cell (SC) technology for the first time develops epidermal and dermal cells with the same functionality of surgically harvested epidermal cells from donors. This unique technology provides a donor-independent approach in providing realistic in vitro cellular models such as dermal and epidermal models. Our unique SC technology provides the next generation of in vitro skin models with consistent and realistic functionality at all time.

Strategic Business Development in South-East Asia

South-East Asia/ Asia Pacific (SEA/AP) pharmaceutical market currently worth more than USD 140 billion and considered as the fastest emerging market in the world. Our team with strong track record in pharmaceutical industries provide business development support and expansion strategy to the life-science industries interested to access this fast growing market and bridge the cultural and business gap between Asia and the rest of the world. We incorporate the strategic perspectives of our clients into the foundation of our strategic proposal. Superior pharmaceutical business development experts foresee the critical strategic requirements in healthcare sectors and align clients’ goals with deal opportunities to establish clear protocols and manage relationships to create lucrative partnerships.

About Us

LabSkinPro Pte. Ltd. is a spin off company focused on Pharmaceutical and Cosmeticproducts research and development. The company has been founded on 2014 in Singapore to provide service for life science companies who are looking to expand their business portfolio in South-East Asia market. LabSkinPro, currently offers product validation and safety assessment service for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and provide various types of skin models from different ethnicity and fromdifferent donors. This unique capability provides a concrete test platform for cosmeticand pharmaceutical products to test on various donors with different genetic backgrounds and inherent differences in each ethnicity.

Due to our strategic location of LabSkinPro in heart of South East Asia, we are providing unique ethnicity skin molds to address unmet needs for Asian cellular platforms in the market.

Our current and near future pipeline

  In vitro Model Ethnicity Available to Deliver Under Development
Chinese Malay Indian Caucasion
  EPI-Viable In 3 weeks N.A.
  EPI-Barrier In 3 weeks N.A.
  EPI-COL     In 3 weeks N.A.
  LabSkin EPI   In 3 weeks N.A.
Pigemented Skin Models LabSkin EPI-MENT Q3 2016
EPI-MENT Barrier Q3 2016