Our Technology

LabSkinPro provides various biological assays and safety assessments for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products. The expert team can assess the chemical entity and active ingredients functionality in realistic test platform and perform safety screening. Protecting the intellectual property and commercial secrets of our clients is the core of our business. Therefore, all experiments will be carried out through double blinded study and the chemical formula and entity of each company will strictly confidential. We use an in-house developed coding system for all of the reagents and chemicals protecting the integrity of our results and protecting the proprietary information . We provide full range of product safety assessments and efficacy at RNA and Protein level. The company poses various biological, chemical and physical tests know-how, and our clients can select from our flexible experimental setups based on their needs and specific application and regulatory requirement.

Our Expert team will provide all of evaluation as a scientifically documented observation with biological and technical replicates on different experimental batches. The data analysis is available upon request from our customers.

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  • Unlimitedly reproducible
  • Genetically healthy, stable and reliable
  • Standard, consistent quality and no donor variability
  • Cost-effective, cost and time saving
  • Provide customer-tailed of skin type of ethnic population, gender and age


  • Skin function evaluations

    Rejuvenation, Anti ageing, UV resistance, Barrier, Irritation / Corrosion, Sensation, Active ingredients efficacy, etc.

  • Skin safety assessments

    Cell/tissue viability, Genotoxicity, Chromosome abbreviation, Telomere length, telomerase activity, etc.

Unique Features

  • Growth and culture in Serum-Free medium
  • Custom-tailored sizes to cover various experimental needs
  • Available at both male and female origins
  • 48% higher epidermal stratification compared to available technologies

Available In Vitro Skin Models

  • EPI-Viable: Full-thickness skin models on Synthetic scaffold with 3 month viability
  • EPI-Barrier: Full-thickness skin models
  • EPI-Col: Epidermal model on collagen scaffold
  • LabSkin EPI: Epidermal model on polycarbonate insert

Surface sizes Availability

10 cm2, 4 cm2, 1 cm2 and 0.4 cm2