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Pharmaceutical Business Development

Pharmaceutical business development is a strategic consultancy service from LabSkinPro to the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

We put the power of our global network we set the standards for your expansion in Asia-Pacific. We evaluate the potential market for your products, tells you the regulatory requirement and how to prepare to document to meet them, we provide you with list of potential partners and connect you with your ideal partner in the region. We will provide an action plan to what needs to be done, and help you in all steps through your expansion in Asia-Pacific.

LabSkinPro is eager to work with young, innovative companies who are looking for expert advice on how position themselves in Asia-Pacific.

We provide information on product development, market entry and expansion strategy including the growth, supply and regulatory land-scape of new and current Rx/OTC and supplement products.

  • We Build and maintain a Top-Notch Business Development and Licensing Team for Our Clients.
  • We Evaluate the Prospective Partners in South-East Asia for your Business. We Accompany You Through all Deal Negations and Provide Strategic Recommendation to Maximize Our Clients’ Deal positioning.

Headquartered in Singapore, LabSkinPro delivers technical support and consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry from the heart of Asia-Pacific.